Wealth Affirmations Mobile Wallpaper

These cellphone wallpapers are great to keep your mind focused on Wealth Creation!

I created these from a video I made for myself to use during an 8-day manifesting ceremony. The red, yellow, and blue colors don’t necessary seem visually appealing together BUT the psychology behind these colors are all geared towards getting you brain to remember them.

Red helps learners remember facts and figures.

Yellow is a stimulating color that asks the learner to pay attention.

Blue promotes creativity as well as peaceful feelings while helping to improve comprehension of complex information.

Download Directions: Click on any image to open up the lightbox, where you can move through all of the images. If you are viewing from your cellphone, you should be able to press and hold on the image to get to your options to download. If you are on your laptop or desktop, you can right click the mouse and choose your save option.