Hello beautiful soul, get to know me a little better

I am Alana, a spiritual teacher, guide, & coach with mystical abilities to peer into the quantum field of creation and pull direct message from the Divine (and teach you to do the same!)

My personal background is filled with pain, trauma, karmic loops, and what seemed like endless suffering (for 3 decades) until I learned to BREAK FREE from the Ancestral trauma that I was energetically bound too. I now help others to break free from their energetic bondage to REGAIN control of their lives and progress with their spiritual journey.

I have fallen into (what feels like) every trap of the ego. Every time I found my way out of the darkness and back into the Light. As I continue to learn and grow, I only share what I learn and implement into my own life first. It is my desire to be transparent, authentic, and fun in the ‘translation of my soul’s journey’ here in my online world. It is my Divine Purpose to share my knowledge and experience with others in order to help illuminate the very narrow path of Love that we strive to stay on as a heart-centered person.

I use a wide variety of energy tools and modalities and work with the attributes of Divine Love that assist me in helping others. 🙏 Alongside my spiritual gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance, I am trained in Trauma Resilience, CBT, REBT, Mindfulness, Affirmations, Essential Oils, NLP, Reiki & Long-Distance Healing, EFT, Crystals & Chakra therapies, Hypnotherapy and much more!

My approach is UNCONDITIONAL Love first and foremost. 💜 I have healed to such a degree that my first response and continued approach is to meet people where they are at, (even when they are lost in darkness) and to be that beacon of Light that brings assistance, clarity, inspiration, hope and a desire to keep moving through the pain and struggle of the life journey and get to the other side of your healing where you are in co-creation with the Divine in ALL aspects of your life. 🌹

My Personal Mission

I choose with purposeful intention to continuously and consciously expand in my awareness of Love, so that I may be a guidepost of compassion to others, for the purpose of ever-evolving Consciousness.

My Personal Vision

I desire and intend to become a global thought leader for the movement of Love and to build an Empire of Love, that facilitates deep healing and transformation and trains up others to be Ambassadors for Love.